Plastic Knob with Stud

  • Plastic Knob with Stud

Plastic Knob with Stud

Custom produce all kinds of Plastic Knobs with studs,nuts,inserts by injection insert molding process.

Product Item:OEM Custom Injection Molding Material:Nylon,Nylon 66 UV resistant
Color: Black
Production Method:Injection insert Molding
Application:Air Cleaner
Categories:Plastic Insert Molding Parts

China Injection Molding Manufacturer,Custom produce all kinds of Plastic Knob,Plastic Knob Assemlied with Stud,Nut,Inset by injection molding process.

The available Materials:

PA,PA66,ABS,POM,UV resistant,etc.

Drawings formarts:

For injection molding plastic parts, because the structures sometimes very complicated, that the better provide the 3D model in igs,stp or others. for simple parts or extruded plastic parts, just need 2D drawings is ok.such as in PDF or Pic.


SGS,ROHS certificate.