About us

China Plastics Parts,Plastic Pipe & Profile Strip Extrusion Supplier.

Our company is located in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, china. We are engaged in the processing and export of plastic products has been 15 years, Ningbo as an export oriented city, a great convenience to our customers to undertake foreign orders.

In the beginning, we only made plastic injection products, and now we also make plastic profiles & pipes by Plastic extrusion.

If you are interest in our plastic parts custom services, pls send your drawings or samples to us, we shall work a price for you in 48hours.

    Related Informations:
    The technics & capabilities: plastic injection, insert molding injection, plastic profiles extruded.

    Materials: Abs,POM, PVC,PC,Polyethylene,nylon 6, nylon 66, polypropylene, co-polymer polypropylene, polyester,PD-PE, NBR, ect.
    Finish treating: Remove burrs, chrome plating & vacuum coating for ABS,Logo & Letter silk-screen & water transfer printing.
    Our capability: 250T, max length x width of parts is 600mm x 600mm, Maximum weight is 2000g.

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