Horizontal Injection Molding

It's very normal Plastic Injection molding Way,The clamping part and the injection part at the same level as the center line, and the mold is opened along the horizontal direction.


Vertical Injection Molding

Mold is opened along the Vertical direction. Its characteristics are: high fuselage, do not request large eare but the house should be tall enough,easy operation and maintenance; easy to realize automatic operation.


Plastic Extrusion

Plastic Extrusion is in extruder by heating and pressing the material to flow continuously through the method of forming die, also known as "extrusion".

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We are professional Plastic Products manufacturer in China, we provide Plastic Injection Molding service & Plastic Extrusion Service, we custom all kinds of plastic injection molded parts, plastic enclosures,plastic crafts,plastic components  for all industries, and produce plastic extrusion profiles,extrusion pipes,extrusion tubes,extrusion slides,extrusion rails for constructions and lighting.

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